Leg Style Choices

Choosing a leg style for your custom, hand-crafted Farmhouse table and benches is easy when you consider the use, location and style of the table you desire, whether its modern, contemporary, formal, casual or avant garde.

Wood legs can be stained or painted to match or complement your table. We currently have three wood leg styles available. 

Metal legs can be unfinished (rusty!), clear coated (no rust), painted or powder coated for maximum durability. Custom sizes and many more designs than shown are available upon request. 

Wood Leg Styles

         Crossbeam Legs

         Hand-turned Legs

           Straight Legs

Metal Leg Styles

      Square Bottom Legs

       Contemporary Legs

  Uptown Crossbeam Legs

       Channel - Rod Legs

  Channel Crossbeam Legs

        Modern Rod Legs