Finishes - Color and Protection
We use Daly's and Varathane Premium Wood Stain as our preferred stains due to their excellent penetration and long lasting translucent appearance. Our hand applied staining and finishing procedure is a lengthy process. First, every inch of your custom wood table is sanded to a buttery smooth surface, then pre-treated to prepare it to receive the stain. Next, multiple thin layers of stain are carefully applied until the color is rich and deep. Then, to finish it all off, multiple coatings of an extremely durable lacquer is applied to seal and protect your table for years to come.

Stain Color Choices
When choosing a stain color, be aware that every kind of wood has its own color as well, so a walnut stain on fir will look different than on hemlock. When in doubt, ask us. In addition, stain colors will darken depending on how many coats are applied. Click the basic stain color chart for a great place to start on choosing your table stain.

        Walnut with lacquer finish

Lacquer Finishes
When possible we try to use environmentally friendly products but sometimes the options are limited. One of our favorite products is a high quality environmentally friendly acrylic lacquer that is four times the cost of normal lacquers. The acrylic only comes in gloss or satin. Regular/non-green lacquer is available in satin (matte, semi-gloss and gloss) and we usually only use the semi gloss since the acrylic lacquer does not have that option. Satin is good for a duller look with no luster, semi-gloss is for standard tables with a bit of a shine and gloss is for the deep, shiny, glossy look. Outdoor/Nautical lacquer from Daly's is used for patio tables sets and that is to keep moisture and water out while provided protection from normal use.