Hand Crafted Custom Wood Tables

The Vision
The first step in our process of hand-crafting a custom, vintage distressed style Farmhouse table for you is discussing what kind of table you’re looking for, what vision you have in mind that brought you to us. From there we go over details like length of the table, type of wood (hard vs soft, reclaimed vs new) color of stain, finish, the distress level desired and the time frame by which you need the table.

Once we have clarified the size, type and features of your desired table, we request a deposit of 30% to start the order. Once the deposit is received, we proceed with ordering the wood for your table. Most of the time the wood is readily available, but thicker hardwoods typically require a special order and longer lead time. 

The Process
When all the wood is available and present, we begin by cutting each piece to the proper dimensions. Then the real work begins. Carefully sanding each piece of wood to a uniform and baby-smooth finish takes hours of gentle technique. When the sanding is finally completed, the wood is then pre-stained, stained and lacquered in multiple coatings each. We do it this way before assembling the table so that there is no unfinished wood surfaces anywhere, between boards or in the cracks. This a mark of true, custom craftsmanship. Most furniture shops build complete tables first and then stain afterwards — which is faster and cheaper but never as cleanly finished nor as well protected.  

Handcrafted Heirlooms
Unique, creative and personal - every farmhouse dining table or piece of furniture we craft is like no other. This actually requires extra time and effort, work that could easily be saved by churning out identical, homogenized tables. Instead, we carefully distress tables by subtly adding scuffs, holes, uneven boards and varying stain levels to create just the amount of "weathered" and vintage look that the client wants. Our typical client wants something unique, oozing with character, yet with the strength and sturdiness of a new piece of furniture. Here at Waverly Woodwork, we strive to create beloved family heirloom furniture with the beauty and sturdiness to be passed down for generations.

If you're a fan of furniture made by West Elm, Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel, then you'll love our hand made wood furniture. With our custom made Farmhouse Tables, you get rustic, stylish designs with a unique, one-of-a-kind quality all it's own.

Best Materials Only
We hand select each piece of wood that goes into your table. And whenever possible, we try to support local companies. We purchase wood from local lumber companies such as Dunn, CrossCut Hardwoods and Blackstock lumber as opposed to the ubiquitous big box stores. We use Varathane and Daly's stains and treatments and get our environmentally friendly “green” acrylic lacquer from Green DepotRead more about our finishing process here.

Watching Your Table Grow
For those clients who are interested, we are happy to take pictures during the crafting of their table, sending along updates at each step in the process. At left is an example image of custom made hand-turned farmhouse table legs for a client's custom formal dining table. We cannot guarantee to capture photos from every step of the way, but we do our best as time and conditions allow for those clients who desire it. 

One Week Later
Most custom farmhouse dining tables take at least one week to build, depending on the style and finish chosen. One reason is because twenty four hours of drying time is needed between each of the pre-stain, stain and lacquer steps. However, depending on how many orders are in line before yours, the lead time may be as much as a month. Depending on our work load, three (3) day rush orders may be possible. Check out the selection in our online Store for the quickest turnaround.

Local Delivery
Delivery of custom crafted furniture by Waverly Woodwork is available for destinations within 100 miles of Seal Beach, California, with pricing determined by distance. For custom orders, please inquire at the time of ordering. Shipping out of state is possible but pricey as the furniture cannot be disassembled and must be shipped whole. 

Want a Custom, Hand-Crafted
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